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Lorca in a Green Dress

7/14/17 Shrew opens to a packed, raucous crowd. A great night!

7/7/17 First preview for Taming of the Shrew at New Swan Shakespeare Festival!

7/1/17 Nicky closes out a fantastic run with another sold out crowd. Meanwhile, Taming of the Shrew heads into tech.

6/30/17 Beth is hired to direct Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook for South Coast Repertory's TYA season!

6/19/17 Beth signs on to direct a reading of Tira Palmquist's new play This Floating World for Boston Court's New Play Festival.

6/3/17 First read-through for Taming of the Shrew at New Swan Shakespeare Festival and a packed crowd for the opening of Coeurage Theatre's Nicky. A full day!

5/1/17 Beth begins rehearsal for the world premiere of Nicky by Boni B. Alvarez with Coeurage Theatre Company!

4/28/17 Stockton Civic Theatre's Calendar Girls opens to an enthusiastic crowd!

4/22/17 Calendar Girls tech begins. Four days until we have an audience!

3/30/17 Full acting companies are assembled for Nicky and for Taming of the Shrew. So thrilled to be working with these extremely talented actors!

3/21/17 First rehearsal for Calendar Girls at Stockton Civic Theatre!

3/13/17 General auditions for Nicky with Coeurage Theatre Company.

2/24/17 Beth heads to Stockton to hold auditions for her next project, Calendar Girls.

2/20/17 Beth begins casting with Coeurage Theatre Company for Nicky, Boni B. Alvarez's World Premiere adaptation of Chekhov's Ivanov. Look for the show in June!

2/12/17 Final auditions are held for New Swan Shakespeare Festival's 2017 season.

2/8/17 Grand Concourse opens to a great crowd including a reviewer from DC Metro Theater Arts.

1/15/17 Beth heads to Philadelphia to start work on Grand Concourse at Theatre Horizon.

1/8/17 More auditions for New Swan Shakespeare Festival!

12/2/16 Beth travels north for a meet and greet with the wonderful Stockton Civic Theatre community. She'll be directing SCT's production of Calendar Girls this Spring.

11/14/16 Initial auditions begin for Beth's production of Taming of the Shrew at New Swan Shakespeare Festival.

11/3/16 Design meetings begin for Grand Concourse.

9/30/16 LA New Court Theatre's Atlas Pit or the Garbage Man's Son opens at the Working Stage Theater in Hollywood!

9/17/16 Moving Arts' MADlab First Look Reading for Overburden!

8/28/16 New Swan's season closes with a packed house for Hamlet. Look for The Tempest and The Taming of the Shrew in 2017!

8/24/16 Exciting first read-through for Atlas Pit! Tickets available now on Brown Paper Tickets.

7/26/16 MADlab rehearsals kick off for Tira Palmquist's Overburden at Moving Arts.

7/23/16 Beth begins casting for LA New Court Theatre's production of Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man's Son.

7/16/16 Hamlet opens to a sold out crowd at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival!

7/7/16 First preview for Hamlet. A great night!

6/6/16 Rehearsals begin for Hamlet at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival in Orange County.

5/19/16 Grand Concourse is cast!

5/11/16 Excited to collaborate this summer with the amazing Tira Palmquist on her new play, Overburden, with Moving Art's play development program MADlab.

4/18/16 Beth is thrilled to accept an offer from Theatre Horizon to direct the Philadelphia premiere of Heidi Schreck's Grand Concourse.

4/14/16 Beth is hired to direct the world premiere of Alex Burkart's fantastic new play, Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man's Son, for LA New Court Theatre.

4/2/16 Beth directs a reading of Migdalia Cruz's Fur for Hero Theatre's Festival Irene!

3/22/16 Beth and Loose Canon are back in the lab for a week long workshop of Romeo and Juliet.

3/8/16 Virginia Grise's translation of All's Well That Ends Well gets its first read for OSF's Play on!

2/15/16 A workshop is scheduled for Loose Canon Collective's next project: Romeo and Juliet.

2/1/16 Beth is asked to produce a reading of Virginia Grise's translation of All's Well That Ends Well for Oregon Shakespeare Festival's exciting Play On! Program.

1/31/16 General auditions begin for Hamlet at New Swan Shakespeare Festival.

1/23/16 Beth is thrilled to be directing a reading for Hero Theatre's Festival Irene. Keep an eye out for this spectacular festival in late March and early April.

12/8/15 Call it Clover performs to a packed house at the MOTH Theatre in Hollywood.

11/17/15 Preliminary casting begins for Hamlet at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival.

10/30/15 Beth starts work on Call it Clover with the incredible Coeurage Theatre Company!

10/14/15 Beth is asked to direct Call it Clover for the Coeurage Theatre's CoLAB series.

10/10/15 Beth is excited to return to the New Swan Shakespeare Festival to direct Hamlet as an Associate Artistic Director.

9/8/15 Beth returns home to Los Angeles!

9/6/15 The Winter's Tale is called a "pitch-perfect marvel" and San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park: Renaissance on the River closes its inaugural weekend with an estimated 27,000 people having attended!

9/3/15 The Winter's Tale opens to a packed crowd at San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park.

8/30/15 Much Ado About Nothing closes at New Swan Shakespeare Festival after a sold-out run.

8/2/15 Rehearsals begin for The Winter's Tale!

7/31/15 Beth and her husband, Randolph Thompson, travel to Texas to work on The Winter's Tale for San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park.

7/17/15 Much Ado opens to a wonderful crowd!

7/11/15 Sold out first preview to Much Ado About Nothing at New Swan Shakespeare Festival. The show opens on Friday, July 17th and runs through the end of August!

7/10/15 A fantastic closing night to end a very successful run of Jason & (Medea).

6/27/15 Jason & (Medea) receives a Hollywood Fringe encore performance for July 10th!

6/12/15 Jason & (Medea) opens at Theatre Asylum as a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The show runs through the end of the month!

6/8/15 Much Ado About Nothing rehearsals begin in Orange County. So excited to be back at New Swan Shakespeare Festival!

5/6/15 Design meetings begin for The Winter's Tale at San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park. Looking forward to working on this beautiful show!

4/29/15 Rehearsals begin for Jason & (Medea) begin. Look for us in early June as a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

4/18/15 The first workshop reading of The Merry Lives of Windsor High is a great success at UC Irvine!

4/7/15 Rehearsals begin for The Merry Lives of Windsor High at UC Irvine: a moment 18 months in the making!

4/5/15 Design meetings for Jason & (Medea) begin.

3/20/15 Loose Canon company meeting is held to talk next steps!

3/7/15 Auditions for The Merry Lives of Windsor High at UC Irvine.

3/5/15 With record audience numbers, Loose Canon Collective's The Hamlet Project closes a very successful run!

2/25/15 The design process begins for New Swan Shakespeare Festival's Much Ado About Nothing.

2/22/15 Beth is hired by the LA New Court Theatre to direct Jason & (Medea) for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

2/19/15 The Hamlet Project Round 7 opens to a great crowd at the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel!

1/30/15 Auditions for the New Swan Shakespeare Festival are underway!

1/23/15 Beth travels to Texas to cast The Winter's Tale for San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park with the lovely people of the Magik Theatre!

1/19/15 The Hamlet Project is featured on Broadway World. Come check us out starting February 19th

1/6/15 And, just like that, Hamlet Project rehearsals are in full swing!

12/23/14 Beth is thrilled to announce she will be directing the workshop of a musical adaptation she's been collaborating on for the past year, The Merry Lives of Windsor High, at UC Irvine this spring.

12/22/14 Teaser trailer for the HAMLET project Round 7 is released! See the Star Wars parody here.

11/12/14 Beth is hired to direct again at San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park! Look for The Winter's Tale at the end of May in San Antonio.

10/13/14 Beth is returning to the New Swan Shakespeare Festival in 2015!

9/28/14 First read-through of the next round of the HAMLET project. Look for us in February at a brand new space!

9/21/14 Marjorie Prime opens at the Mark Taper. A wonderful evening!

9/10/14 First preview for Marjorie Prime. Excited to share this beautiful play.

8/12/14 Rehearsals begin for Marjorie Prime at CTG.

7/14/14 Summer of 2015 is already starting to shape up. Look for exciting news soon!

6/30/14 Beth is hired to assist Les Waters on the world premiere of Jordan Harrison's Marjorie Prime at Mark Taper Forum.

6/2/14 After a successful run, Beth heads home to Los Angeles.

5/29/14 Hamlet gets a great review!

5/29/14 Hamlet, presented by the Magik Theatre is getting some buzz! Check out articles from San Antonio Magazine, San Antonio Express-News, and the play featured on the morning show, Great Day San Antonio!

5/28/14 Hamlet opens to a crowd of 800 people at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens! Theater critic, Deborah Martin's First Impression is: "The Magik Theatre crew, led by director Beth Lopes, pulled together a completely captivating staging of 'Hamlet.'"

4/27/14 Rehearsals begin for Hamlet. Look for us May 28th at the San Antonio Botanical Garden!

4/26/14 Beth travels to San Antonio for five weeks to work with the wonderful people of the Magik Theatre.

4/11/14 Beth spends the weekend in San Antonio casting Hamlet with the Magik Theatre.

3/10/14 Beth is hired to direct Hamlet for San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park.

10/14/13 Smokefall opens at the Goodman Theatre to a wonderful crowd and a great review the next morning.

9/30/13 Theater worlds collide when the playwright and director of Smokefall, Noah Haidle and Anne Kauffman respectively, attend the final night of The Hamlet Project: Chicago Round 3!

9/29/13 Round 3 of The Hamlet Project: Chicago has a packed house for their first night!

9/9/13 Rehearsals begin for Round 3 of The Hamlet Project: Chicago,

9/3/13 Rehearsals begin for Smokefall.

9/1/13 Beth heads to Chicago for a month and a half to assist Anne Kauffman on Smokefall at the Goodman Theatre and direct Round 3 of The Hamlet Project: Chicago.

8/18/13 Or What You Will performs for hundreds of patrons on the Green Show stage of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

8/17/13 The Hamlet Project: New York is reviewed by the Post, the Times, and Time Out!

8/5/13 Rehearsals pick back up for Or What You Will preparing for our August 16 Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

8/1/13 A Midsummer Night's Dream opens to a sold out crowd at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival!

6/25/13 Rehearsals begin for A Midsummer Night's Dream, which opens August 1st at The New Swan Shakespeare Festival in Irvine.

5/6/13 Or What You Will rehearsals begin in Los Angeles!

5/1/13 Beth joins the Smokefall team at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

4/19/13 A Midsummer Night's Dream at The New Swan Shakespeare Festival is fully cast and heads into design meetings!

4/8/13 Reading of And Then They Fell at the Road Theatre.

4/5/13 Smokefall opens at South Coast Repertory!

3/27/13 Round One of The Hamlet Project: New York opens in Williamsburg!

3/24/13 Round Two of The Hamlet Project: Chicago opens at Beer on Clark!

3/5/13 Rehearsals for Smokefall begin!

2/20/13 Beth is asked to direct a reading of Tira Palmquist's new play, And Then They Fell, at The Road Theatre in North Hollywood on April 8th.

2/13/13 Or What You Will, Beth and Matt Roi Berger’s rock opera adaptation of Twelfth Night, is offered two Green Show slots at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Look for us in August!

1/24/13 Beth is hired to assist Anne Kauffman on the world premiere of Noah Haidle’s Smokefall at South Coast Repertory in March.

12/6/12 Beth is asked back to the New Swan Shakespeare Festival to direct A Midsummer Night's Dream in August of 2013.

11/1/12 The Hamlet Project: Round Six is back at St. Nick's Pub! We're expecting another successful round with exciting new prospects for the future. Keep your eyes open Spring of 2013!

10/7/12 Back from Thailand and immediately starting a special election-themed Hamlet Project.  Look for it at St. Nick's Pub the first weekend in November.

8/26/12 Closing night of Comedy of Errors and Beth takes a break to get married and go to Thailand.  See you in October!

8/9/12 The New Swan Theater Festival and Comedy of Errors opens to a sold out run!

7/29/12 The New Swan Theater and Festival are getting incredible buzz! Check it out: here and here!

7/2/12 Rehearsals get underway for The Comedy of Errors, the inaugural show of the New Swan Shakespeare Festival.

6/20/12 Beth makes her way back to Los Angeles to get prepared for Comedy of Errors!

6/17/12 As You Like It opens and gets fantastic reviews!

6/11/12 Beth directs a 40-minute version of David Largman Murray's Robots Vs. Fake Robots for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's FAIR Expressions.

4/2/12 Rehearsals start for As You Like It

3/31/12 Beth heads up to Ashland, OR to assist at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

3/22/12 Beth workshops movement vocabulary for Or What You Will.

3/10/12 The Vagina Monologues opens at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silverlake.

3/9/12 Voiced opens at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silverlake.

3/4/12 Beth auditions at UC Irvine for Comedy of Errors.

3/1/12 Round Four, Tyler Parry's, The Hamlet Project opens at St. Nick's Pub!

2/5/12 The new ensemble piece being developed by Beth and the cast of The Vagina Monologues has a title! Voiced. Look for it at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in early March.

2/4/12 Beth is asked to direct Comedy of Errors as the opening show of the new Swan Theater Festival at UC Irvine.

1/26/12 Beth's final round of directing The Hamlet Project begins and first rehearsals for The Vagina Monologues!

1/25/12 Beth starts development on Or What You Will, a 35 minute rock opera based on Twelfth Night for the OSF Green Show. The project is a collaboration with her long time friend, composer Matt Roi Berger.

1/23/12 Beth is asked to be a creative consultant on an untitled new work being developed in Los Angeles. More info to come!

1/7/12 Auditions for The Vagina Monologues and a brand new ensemble piece at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silverlake.

1/6/12 Beth is informed that she will be directing a Green Show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as a part of her FAIR internship.

1/5/12 Bringing in the New Year with The Hamlet Project: Girls Gone Wild at St. Nick's Pub.

12/8/11 Beth is asked to direct The Vagina Monologues as part of an International Women's Month Festival at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre. 

12/5/11 Round Three of The Hamlet Project, featuring our first female Hamlet, starts rehearsals.

12/3/11 In spite of Hamlet losing his voice completely, two actors performing roles they hadn't rehearsed in a month, and having two hours to prepare the second night of The Hamlet Project is still a huge success! 

11/28/11 Round Two of the Hamlet Project, Occupy Elsinore, performs this Thursday and Friday at St. Nick's Pub!

11/8/11 The Hamlet Project is a success!  Look for Round Two on December 1st and 2nd at 7:45pm, located at St. Nick's Pub!

10/31/11 The Hamlet Project opens this Friday!

10/15/11 A photo from Beth's production of The Crucible is featured as the advertisement for UC Irvine in American Theatre Magazine's October issue.

10/3/11 One month away from the premiere of The Hamlet Project.  Look for it on November 3rd and 4th at St. Nick's Pub!

9/17 Beth is awarded an Assistantship at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to work with Jessica Thebus on As You Like It.

9/12 Rehearsals begin for The Hamlet Project.

9/1 Beth travels to Northern California to work on a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble.

8/25 Initial read-through for The Hamlet Project.

8/12 LIVEworks featuring Wonder Woman vs Reality opens tonight at the Lyric Hyperion Theater!

7/31 Rehearsals begin for Wonder Woman vs Reality.

7/15 Preliminary work begins on The Hamlet Project: a new adaptation being developed by Beth and a colleague from UCI.

7/6, Beth is asked to direct Wonder Woman vs Reality by Jeffrey Addiss, a short play for Acorn Pictures' LIVEworks. Look for it in August!

6/29 through 7/4, Beth and her family travel to Ashland, OR to see eight plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Another amazing season!

6/23/11 through 6/26/11, Moving to Silverlake!

6/11/11 through 6/18/11, Director's Lab West in Pasadena! Beth spends an amazing week getting to know theater artists from all over the country.

6/4/11, Beth participates in UCI's 2011 Graduate Commencement Ceremony and officially receives her MFA.

5/27/11, Beth turns in her thesis and is on her way to graduation.

4/11/11, Beth is accepted into the 2011 Director's Lab West, hosted by the Pasadena Playhouse.

3/8/11, Two Gentlemen of Verona opens this weekend in UCI's Outdoor Amphitheater! Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th at 1pm and 3pm.

2/25/11, The Crucible team visits Jackie Robinson High School and helps the students with their production of the show. A successful and inspiring trip!

2/2/11, Beth and team of actors have been asked by UCI outreach to visit a group of students from Jackie Robinson High School and speak about producing The Crucible.

1/29/11, Beth auditions and casts her next project, an outdoor production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

1/22/11, The Crucible closes and Beth gets engaged, all in one night!

1/20/11, Theatre Guild night for The Crucible followed by a talk back after the show!

1/18/11, Karen Zhou reviews The Crucible for UCI's "New University." Read the review here:

1/15/11, Beth and dramaturges Lauren McCue and Patrice Amon lead a question and answer session about The Crucible with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

1/14/11, The Crucible opens in UCI's Claire Trevor Theatre.

12/13/10, The Director of Outreach Programs at UCI contacts Beth about groups of high school students coming to see The Crucible!

11/29/10, Beth debuts her final directing scene, The Dreamer Examines His Pillow in the style of Siti Company, and later that night begins rehearsal for The Crucible.

9/19/10, Casting and design meetings begin for Beth's thesis show, The Crucible.

7/11/10, Great Expectations, a New Musical opens at Utah Shakes.

7/7/10, Macbeth opens and Beth celebrates her 26th birthday!

5/16/10, Beth leaves Irvine to spend the summer assistant directing Macbeth with Joseph Hanreddy and Great Expectations, a New Musical with Jules Aaron at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

4/17/10, Beth and dramaturg, Dan Keegan, give a lecture to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute about Cymbeline.

4/9/10, Cymbeline opens in UCI's Studio Theatre.

3/4/10, Rehearsals finally begin for Beth's main stage production of Cymbeline.

2/24/10, Beth is given UCI's Claire Trevor Theatre to produce The Crucible as her thesis production in 2011.

2/6/10, Humble Boy opens in the Nixon Theatre at UCI.

1/8/10, Beth's winter workshop production, Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones, is cast and starts rehearsals immediately!

11/13/09, The Threepenny Opera opens in UCI's Claire Trevor Theatre.

10/5/09, Rehearsals for The Threepenny Opera begin.

9/21/09, Auditions for The Threepenny Opera and Cymbeline!

5/14/09, Lorca in a Green Dress opens in rep with House of Bernarda Alba in UCI's Little Theatre.

4/16/09, Beth is selected to be Keith Fowler's Assistant Director on a production of The Threepenny Opera in the fall.

4/12/09, Beth starts rehearsals for Lorca in a Green Dress!

2/20/09, The Bacchae Trilogy opens in the Claire Trevor Theatre at UCI.

2/18/09, Cymbeline is chosen as Beth's second year, main stage project

1/20/09, Beth starts rehearsals assisting Mihai Maniutiu on his Bacchae Trilogy at UCI.

1/12/09, Auditions for Beth's spring project, Lorca in a Green Dress by Nilo Cruz.

11/1/08, Beth's first UCI production, Pinter's One for the Road opens in Nixon Theatre.

9/6/08, Beth leaves New York to move to Irvine, California for Grad School.

6/19/08, New York Neo-Classical's, Pericles, Prince of Tyre, opens its run at Tisch School of the Arts.

4/7/08, Beth is one of two directors to be accepted into UC Irvine's MFA Directing Program!

2/1/08, Interview for Carnegie Mellon's directing program.

1/26/08, Completes U/RTA interviews with UCLA and UC Irvine.

October, 2007, Applications are out for graduate directing programs.

February 2007, Researching graduate directing programs!

11/2/2006, Fuddy Meers opens at the Gene Frankel Theatre in Soho

Summer 2006, God's Country opens at the Manhattan Children's Theatre in Tribeca.

Summer 2006, Beth helps to form the New York Neo-Classical Ensemble, a company devoted to producing Shakespeare.

5/16/06, Beth graduates from NYU and immediately starts work on Thirsty Turtle's production of God's Country by Steven Dietz.

4/24/04, Thirsty Turtle Production's first show, The Seagull, opens at the Sanford Meisner Theatre in Chelsea.

February 2004, Beth helps to form the company Thirsty Turtle Productions.